Tips For Getting 4 Things Ready For Self-Storage

Posted on: 26 December 2019

Did you rent a self-storage unit and now it's time to start loading it up with your stuff? If so, it will help to know how to prepare a few of those items to ensure that they are protected when they come out of storage.

Leather Furniture and Clothing

If you are placing a leather couch, jacket, or another item with leather into self-storage, you need to take some steps to condition the leather before the item goes away for a while. You will want to clean the leather surface to make sure it is free of all dust and dirt, and then apply a leather conditioner to the surface. This will help ensure that the leather does not crack under the various temperatures inside the storage unit, which is likely to happen if you decided to not use climate controls.

Wood Furniture

Even though your wood furniture items are going into self-storage, it's important that you polish the wood before they are stored away. This is because a polish can help give the wood protection from moisture and dust while it is in your storage unit. It's a very simple process that starts by removing any wax buildup that is on the wood from a previous polishing. You can then apply a new polish to the surface, and it will have plenty of protection so that the wood still looks great when you need the item again.


Any electronic item is susceptible to moisture damage in a storage unit, which can cause the metal components within it to corrode when moisture settles on them. You'll want to place items in boxes and package them with some silica gel. The packets will help absorb the moisture so that it doesn't cause metal components to rust. These are the same packets that electronic items are shipped with to protect them in the very same way. 


Have photographs that you are placing into a storage unit? The best thing you can do is separate the photos instead of putting them in large stacks. This will prevent the photos from sticking to each other and ruining them. Place them in albums, or use a thin sheet of tissue paper to separate photos. The last thing you want is for the heat to cause the ink on the back of a photo to transfer to the photo beneath it.

For more tips, reach out to a self-storage facility near you. 


Answering Your Questions About Storage Units

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