Renting A Storage Unit This Winter? 3 Tips For Loading It Safely

Posted on: 27 December 2019

When you've decided to rent a storage unit during the winter, there's a lot more you'll need to think about compared to renting in the summer when the temperatures are warmer. Instead of simply renting any storage unit and ending up frustrated with the condition of your belongings later, there's a lot you can look for to make sure that the storage unit is used safely.

Consider the following tips that can be useful when you're renting a self-storage unit during the winter:

Find Drive-Up Storage Units

When the temperature is cold out, it's useful to rent a storage unit that you can simply drive up to and put away your things. Carrying boxes, furniture, and other items a far distance to your unit can be annoying, along with your hands getting cold and being exposed to the chilly air for longer.

Finding drive-up storage units that allow you to get closer to the unit can ensure that moving anything into the storage unit will be quick and easy.

Be Careful with Packing

Renting a storage unit at a reputable facility can help with protecting your items, but you could run into issues if your items are haphazardly put into storage. Taking care of your items with proper packing is important since you don't want to run into an issue where moisture or dry temperatures affect things such as your furniture or clothing.

Packing all of your items with boxes, plastic wrap, and airtight packaging can ensure that your belongings will be kept in much better condition when stored away. This can also be a good way to keep away dust and keep everything clean.

Look Into Climate Control

Depending on what you're putting into storage, it can be useful to rent a storage unit that has climate control included for the units. By having climate control for your unit, you can make sure that the temperature stays at a comfortable temperature and you won't struggle with the storage unit being too cold to visit when you're moving items in or out.

Renting the right storage unit can come with a few more concerns when you live somewhere that gets cold and you want to protect your things. By considering the above tips for selecting the right unit and how to load the unit safely, you can avoid a lot of common damage that could occur and ensure that your unit is easy to access later.


Answering Your Questions About Storage Units

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