3 Ways Frac Tanks Can Be Used For Storage In Agricultural Settings

Posted on: 30 December 2019

Frac tanks are massive tanks that are capable of storing thousands of gallons of fluid materials, and they can easily last for many years. Occasionally, these tanks are liquidated when an operation shuts down, which gives you the opportunity to invest in one for your agricultural setting. Why would a farmer need a frac tank? Here is a look at why. 

Store potable water for periods of drought. 

Water restrictions are a big issue for some farmers, especially if their farm is situated in a place that has a lot of dry periods. If this is an issue to face, it can make it really hard to have enough water for your livestock. Investing in a fracking tank, place it on your farm, and fill it with water when there are no restrictions in place during the wetter parts of the year. You will have this water on hand to nourish your animals, and your plants if needed, even when you technically can't access local water supplies to get what you need. 

Store machinery fuel for the long term. 

Frac tanks once served a purpose of some sort in the fracking industry, whether it was storing potable water, fuel, or crude oil. Therefore, these tanks, once they have been cleaned, they are still just as good for storing fuels. For example, something like diesel could easily be stored in a frac tank that is in good condition. These tanks can have the proper valves and hose connecting points to make it simple to fuel farming equipment as needed on a farm. You could buy diesel while the price is low and store your fuel for the coming year to carry you through even if prices peak. 

Store manure for later uses as crop fertilizer. 

Farming is kind of amazing in a lot of respects. Even waste products can be put back to good use to make agricultural processes more successful. Using manure to fertilize crops is just one example of that statement. The only issue with relying on manure for crop fertilization is storing manure is not always an easy thing to do. Frac tanks actually work very well for storing manure. These tanks can be hauled to different crop areas and hoses connected to make spreading the natural fertilizer an easy feat. One farmer in Ohio made the news in Farming Progress using a frac tank for this purpose. 


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