4 Tips To Avoid Pests When Using A Storage Unit Rental

Posted on: 30 December 2019

Renting a storage unit is something that you may plan on doing to alleviate storage issues inside your house. Even if you have not rented a storage unit before, you may understand the basic concept of renting a unit and then beginning the process of moving your items inside. Since you will not be near the stored possessions to keep an eye on them at any time, you will benefit from following a few tips that will help you avoid seeing any pests inside your storage unit rental.

Bins and Boxes

Before putting any bins or boxes into storage, you should take the time to look through them if they were already packed and closed up sometime in the past. This will give you peace of mind because you can check for any existing pests as well as food crumbs that may attract pests.


When you want to put furniture inside storage, you should perform a thorough inspection by looking underneath seat cushions, pillows, and covers. Checking out the entire exterior is also worth doing because you want to make sure that no animals have made a hole and hid inside.

Inspecting every furniture piece thoroughly will give you the confidence to pack everything up and put it all into storage knowing that it will not be at risk of a pest infestation.


While you will find that a lot of storage facilities provide pest control around the premises, you should determine whether you can get pest control as an extra service. A small fee for more pest control can give you peace of mind, especially when you are determined to protect your items inside storage. This is a situation in which you should not hesitate to ask questions about the pest control process and products used to help you feel confident in the service and storage facility.


If you want to store clothing, you should take the time to run it all through the washer and dryer before folding each piece in preparation for storage. When some of your clothes have already been sitting in storage in your house for a while, you will find out whether there are any pests by inspecting the clothes and giving them a wash to eliminate them if there is a presence.

Washing with hot water and drying at high heat will give you the highest chance of eliminating any pests as well as any eggs that might be attached to the clothing.

Using these tips will help you rent a storage unit and not have to worry about pests. 


Answering Your Questions About Storage Units

Before renting a storage unit for the first time, it's common to have questions about the process. You may wonder what size of unit you need to hold all your belongings. You may also want to know the differences between an indoor and an outdoor unit and which kind is right for you. We understand that you have questions and we're here to shed some light on all your inquiries. We were just like you at one time when we were trying to find answers to our storage questions. It was time-consuming and frustrating, to say the least, and that's why we created this blog. We wanted others to have all the resources they need in one spot so they wouldn't have to search for hours to find the answers to their storage unit questions.