4 Reasons You Need Climate-Controlled Storage

Posted on: 1 January 2020

When it comes to keeping your items in storage in good shape, you need to know what items need a little extra care. Some items should not be kept in a regular storage unit; instead, they need to be kept inside of a climate-controlled storage unit. A climate-controlled storage unit allows you to keep the temperature consistent inside of your storage unit, which will help protect temperature and humidity sensitive items.

Reason #1: You Own Musical Instruments

One of the first reasons you need a climate-controlled storage unit is because you own musical instruments. Musical instruments are usually sensitive to temperature changes and should be kept in stable environments. This is just as true for a piano as it is for your guitar collection or for a clarinet. If you have musical instruments in storage, and you don't want the strings, wood, or pads on the instrument to become warped, you need to store them in a climate-controlled storage unit.

Reason #2: You Collect Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing may seem like it is unbreakable because the clothing has lasted so long. However, vintage clothing can be delicate, and most vintage clothing lasts because someone took good care of them.

If you want the vintage clothing that you have invested in to last, you need to be careful how you store them. Don't put your vintage clothing inside of some cheap cardboard boxes; the acid inside the boxes will damage your fabrics. Instead, wrap your items up in muslin or put them inside of a box lined with muslin. You also need to keep your clothing inside of a temperature-controlled climate.

Reason #3: You Have Photos to Store

Photos can be easily damaged and have to be handled with care. You want to store photos inside of a special photo storage box that is lined with acid-free paper, in order to ensure that your photos do not deteriorate. You need to keep those boxes off the floor and store them in an environment where the temperature and humidity are consistent so that the pictures will not get damaged.

Reason #4: You Have Electronics to Store

You may take your electronics with you everywhere, and feel like your electronics are indestructible, but the truth is that your electronics can very easily get damaged. Extreme heat and extreme cold can easily damage the electronic components of your electronic items.

When it comes to protecting your items, some items need a little more care than others. If you have musical instruments, vintage clothing, photos, or electronics you need to put in storage, take care of them inside of a climate-controlled storage unit.


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