5 Items To Move To Your Storage Unit This Spring

Posted on: 25 February 2020

As spring rolls around, and you clean up your home, it is time to move the items you won't need until next fall or winter into a storage unit. There is no reason to have your home cluttered up with items you will not use for months.

Item #1: Bedding

In the winter, it is normal to use lots of extra bedding. As the weather gets warmer, you don't need your flannel sheets on your mattress, nor do you need that wool blanket on your bed. If you use lots of extra bedding during the wintertime, pack up all that bedding this spring.

You are going to want to wash the bedding and dry it first before you pack it up. You can pack your excess bedding in plastic storage bins until you need the extra bedding again in the fall.

Item #2: Winter Protective Gear

In the winter, there is a lot of extra gear that you wear, such as scarfs, hats, gloves, and boots. You don't need all these items during the spring and summertime, and they can take up lots of room. Wash all your winter protective gear, and pack it up in plastic storage bins. Then move them into your storage units.

You may want to store your boots separate from your more clothing-related items as it can be difficult to get boots all the way clean. Put some dryer sheets in with your boots so that they smell good when you pull them out of storage.

Item #3: Jackets

Although you may need some jackets in the spring and summer, you probably don't need your thick down jacket or that huge raincoat. Look over your jackets and take all the ones that you don't see yourself wearing over the next few months and put them away.

You can get a standing portable wardrobe to hang your jackets in. Or you can put your jackets inside of a vacuum-packed bag, suck all the air out, and store them in an airtight bag during the warm months of the year.

Item #4: Holiday Decorations

The fall and winter seasons are holiday central, with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, and Valentine's Day spread across them. If you are big into decorating for the holidays, there is no reason to keep all those decorations in the home for the entire year.

Wrap up every item carefully and place the decorations in labeled boxed. For fragile items, be sure to wrap them up in lots of protective gear and label the boxes as fragile. You can use cardboard boxes or plastic storage bins.

Item #5: Snow Toys

Finally, if you have any snow toys that you use throughout the year, you are going to want to clean up those snow toys. You may want to hang up the snow toys or put them on shelves.

This spring, as you clean up your space, move your winter clutter into your storage unit. Be sure to label all your boxes as you place them in your storage unit so you can easily grab out the boxes you need next fall and wintertime.


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