Not Using A Vehicle Much? 5 Reasons To Store It

Posted on: 22 June 2020

Are you driving less during 2020? For a variety of reasons — working from home, being furloughed, or just sheltering from Covid-19 exposure — more people are leaving their cars in the driveway than ever before. If your vehicle is sitting idle at home, though, consider the value of properly storing it off-site. How can this benefit you and your car? Here are five key ways. 

1. Idled Cars are Targets. A vehicle simply parked on the street or in a less-used part of the driveway could be a target for thieves and vandals. If the area where the car is parked is not well-lit, is isolated from view, or is in the path of a lot of pedestrians, it's at risk. In this case, it may be safer to remove it and move to a properly secured storage facility. 

2. It Needs Protection. Leaving a car on the street or even in an uncovered driveway exposes it to the elements. Summer months can bring pests, rodents, and summer heat to do damage. Winter months may bring ice, snow, and storms to cause their own problems. Protect your investment by ensuring that it's properly prepared for storage and kept in a covered or enclosed location for its own good. 

3. The Space Could Be Useful. As long as an unused vehicle sits in the garage or driveway, it is using space that could be used for other things. With space at a premium for most families — especially those spending more time at home during the pandemic — would you rather be able to recoup the spot being taken up by an unneeded car? 

4. You Might Reduce Expenses. It costs money to maintain a car that you only use intermittently. Along with proper maintenance, a vehicle largely parked in the driveway likely still needs to be insured and registered for road use. If you pack it up until the situation changes, you can insure it for much less and avoid many registration fees as well as servicing costs. 

5. It's One Less Worry. With so much going on in the world and disruption in people's lives, multiple car owners may appreciate having one less item to worry about. Rather than thinking about how to keep your car operational during disuse, performing maintenance, or being reminded of how changed your life is, put the car into long-term storage and take it off your plate. 

Which of these unexpected benefits could you use right now? Whether you'd like the emotional perk, financial boost, or a less cluttered environment, putting a vehicle into storage for the duration could be the answer. Find out more about vehicle storage by talking with a high-quality storage facility in your area today. 


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