Interested In Renting A Storage Unit For Just A Month? 3 Tips For Securing The Unit

Posted on: 10 January 2020

If you've found yourself wanting to rent a storage unit but only need it for a month or so due to your situation, you may be worried about how expensive it can be. Since a lot of discounts for renting a storage unit come with signing a longer lease for the storage unit, you'll need to carefully look into what you can do to make the cost lower. Instead of settling for an expensive storage unit, consider the following tips that can make renting a storage unit more reasonable for you.
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Want To Finish Your Basement? Rent A Storage Unit Until You Finish

Posted on: 7 January 2020

If you are living in a home with an unfinished basement, you may want to begin the process of finishing it to give your family a functional space to enjoy and benefit from. Taking on this major project requires a lot of time, effort, and dedication, which means you may want to rent a storage unit as early as the planning stages all the way until you finish the basement completely.
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How To Avoid Overpaying For Your Storage Unit

Posted on: 3 January 2020

Do you need to rent a storage unit to free up some space at home? If so, you'll likely want to avoid overpaying for that additional square footage each month. Here are some tips to avoid paying too much for self storage. Consider Purging Some Belongings While you may be in need of self storage, do you really need to hold on to everything that you are planning to put in it?
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4 Reasons You Need Climate-Controlled Storage

Posted on: 1 January 2020

When it comes to keeping your items in storage in good shape, you need to know what items need a little extra care. Some items should not be kept in a regular storage unit; instead, they need to be kept inside of a climate-controlled storage unit. A climate-controlled storage unit allows you to keep the temperature consistent inside of your storage unit, which will help protect temperature and humidity sensitive items.
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